Applicant Rights and Responsibilities

Colorado Springs Utilities is committed to providing our job applicants with the best experience possible when applying for positions. To assist, this “Applicant Rights and Responsibilities” document will clarify the expectations applicants may reasonably have when applying for positions. In addition, we have provided applicants with a list of their responsibilities so they can best manage their employment search. After reading this document, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our recruitment and selection process at or at (719) 668-7500. If you are a disabled applicant and experience difficulties with this document or the application process, please email or call the above phone number for assistance.

Applicant Rights

As an applicant, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect - Applicants have the right to be treated with respect and dignity in every interaction regardless of age, disability, race, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, or other personal characteristics.
  • Confidentiality - To the extent permitted by law, applicants have the right to security and confidentiality regarding their applicant data, personal background information, details of their job search, information on their application and/or resume, assessment scores, test results or any additional information as an applicant.
  • Communication - Applicants have the right to receive responses to practical questions regarding their application, the recruitment and selection process, or decision criteria at any time in the selection process. Applicants have the right to clear communication regarding the requirements of the selection process, including required supplementary information, pre-employment testing requirements or other criteria deemed appropriate to the selection process.
  • Be screened and assessed with fairness and consistency - Applicants have the right to be screened and assessed throughout all selection phases with appropriate measures which are job-relevant, fair, consistent, and meet all professional standards and criteria.
  • Request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) - Applicants who qualify as an individual with a disability under the ADA have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodations or modifications in accordance with the provisions of the ADA and other relevant legislation for any step in the selection process. To request an accommodation, please email

Applicant Responsibilities

  • Familiarize and understand the Applicant Rights and Responsibilities document - It is the applicant’s responsibility to read the document and become familiar with the information contained herein.
  • Be honest - It is the applicant’s responsibility to accurately represent previous work history, qualifications, skills and experience and to provide true and complete information in connection with his or her application/resume and any additional required information or assessments.
  • Actively manage the employment opportunity - It is the applicant’s responsibility to actively manage the employment opportunity by:
    • thoroughly reading the job posting and its requirements;
    • personally completing the application to ensure accurate representation of all information;
    • following all instructions before submitting the application;
    • regularly checking email for additional requirements for the position or additional communication;
    • following any specific instructions for the completion of any additional steps throughout the selection process;
    • keeping applicant information updated in Colorado Springs Utilities’ system; and
    • regularly checking on the status of his or her application throughout the selection process.
  • Request accommodation in the recruiting and selection process – It is the applicant’s responsibility if he or she qualifies as an individual with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act to request a reasonable accommodation for any step in the selection process. Email or call the Utilities Resource Center at (719) 668-7500.

If an applicant fails to meet these responsibilities:

  • If an applicant fails to meet the responsibilities outlined in 1 through 3 above, he or she will not be eligible to move on in the selection process and will be withdrawn from consideration for the position.

Pre-Employment Testing Information

Pre-employment tests are objective, standardized tools for measuring job-relevant attributes, skills, and knowledge that are predictive of success on the job. The most common types of pre-employment tests include:

  • Personality - These tests measure personal characteristics, attitudes, traits, preferences, work and interaction styles, and behavioral tendencies that are predictive of job success.
  • Aptitude - These tests measure problem-solving ability, logic and reasoning, critical thinking, and fluid intelligence.
  • Skills - These tests require candidates to demonstrate their proficiency with job-relevant skills (e.g., splicing fiber optic cables).
  • Job Knowledge - These tests measure technical expertise in specific job-relevant knowledge areas (e.g., employment law).

Depending on the job you apply for with Colorado Springs Utilities, you may be asked to take a test as part of the hiring process. We have included some information below that you may find helpful regarding pre-employment tests and how they are used in the hiring process.

  • The "Whole Person" Analysis - It is common to feel nervous and anxious about having to complete a pre-employment test. While tests are one of the most uniform and objective ways to compare candidates, it’s important to remember that they represent just one data point for organizations to use in their evaluation of a person’s ability to do the job. Collectively, pre-employment tests, interviews, resumes, references, and other selection tools represent the “whole person” analysis approach to hiring, allowing organizations to make the most informed selection decisions possible.
  • Reliability and Validity - For pre-employment tests to be used in the hiring process, they must meet two criteria, per the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. The first is reliability, which means that the test consistently measures the construct. A construct could be a personality trait, body of knowledge, or skill. A test with good reliability means that there is a strong relationship, or correlation, between scores on each test question – and that taking a test at two different points in time will result in similar overall scores. The second is validity, which means that scores on a test are predictive of job performance. In other words, we can make inferences about a person’s ability to do the job based on how they performed on the test. A test cannot have validity if it lacks reliability – it cannot inconsistently measure and meaningfully predict something at the same time. All tests used by Colorado Springs Utilities meet these requirements set forth by the Uniform Guidelines.
  • Competencies and Personality Tests - Out of all the different types of tests, personality tests tend to have the poorest reputation across applicants, as it can be challenging to see their relation to the job. It’s important to know that there are personality tests specifically designed for professional development and insight purposes and those designed for selection and hiring purposes. In 2021, HBO Max produced a documentary, Persona, which made an ill-informed claim that personality tests have no place in the hiring process. However, this claim was made by only focusing on personality tests intended to be used for development purposes (e.g., Myers-Briggs), while ignoring those designed for use in hiring and selection. When developed and used appropriately, personality tests are designed to measure competencies, or combinations of behaviors, that are predictive of high performance on the job. Colorado Springs Utilities only uses personality tests that have been validated for hiring and selection purposes, job performance, and in their measurement of job-relevant competencies.

For more information, please review our Pre-Employment Testing Guide. In here, you will find information on the types of tests we generally use at Colorado Springs Utilities, helpful hints on the best ways to prepare for a test, answers to frequently asked questions, techniques for reducing test anxiety, and information on how to obtain test accommodations if you are a qualified individual with a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Additionally, the vendor we use for our tests offers information about the various types of tests used, advice for candidates, and practice tests to help you prepare and feel more confident about the testing process. In preparation for a test, you may find it helpful to complete the available practice tests on their website.